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Management & Sales

  • Milbay® Lithium batteries and battery systems - LFP (LiFePO4), Lithium Ion, LIPO (Lithium Polymer)
  • Milbay®LFP (LiFePO4) Solar Battery Storage
  • Milbay® Electric UTV
  • Milbay® Electric Vehicle DC Fast Chargers
  • Milbay® Motouni and Electric Chariot Self Balancing Vehicles
  • Milbay® Electric bicycles and scooters
Neale Gray
 0450 418901


ABN: 46 166 720 695

Milbay Australia team members are available for your next innovative project

Australian Compliance administrator
Auto Mechanical Engineer
Business management
Electronics Technician
Information Technology Hardware Technician - CompTia Certified
Information Technology Software Support Person
Lithium Battery specialist
Polymer, Lithium Ion, LFP (LiFePO4)
Large scale and home solar storage. New installs, Lead acid replacement replacement, custom design, lightweight portable battery storage systems
Electric Vehicles
Specialist medical
Microsoft Partner
.NET, Database, C# Application programmer
Spare parts Interpreter
Warranty Technician

Last update: 22 August 2016