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December 2016, Milbay Australia deliver more electric 4x4 UTVs to Australian businesses.

In December Milbay Australia delivered more of our fantastic electric 4x4 off road UTVs to clients in Victoria and North Queensland.

One client who opperates a grazier farm outside of Rockhampton choose the Milbay MB-572UTV as he desired a safe easy to drive 4x4 to replace his expired petrol powered UTV that is used on the farm.

Milbay MB572UTV electric 4WD ATV UTV

Our other client from Victoria opperates an equestrian businesses and purchased their electric UTV as they wanted a quiet vehicle that could opperate close to and around horses without startling them with engine noise and toxic fumes.

Milbay MB572UTV electric UTV transport to Victoria

For more information about the MB-572UTV Electric 4x4 side by side utility vehicle go to The Milbay electric UTV web page

During 2017 Milbay Australia will be appointing sales dealerships throughout all Australian states, interested businesses can email for more information about becoming a Milbay reseller in their area.

August 2015, Milbay Australia confirm large scale supply of LFP (Lithium Ferrous Phosphate) aka LiFePO4 Solar and Wind battery storage for Australia.

Milbay Australia manager Neale Gray has spent the last twelves months evaluating and negotiating a large scale supply of SAFE LFP battery storage for large scale commercial and household installations accross Australia.

With the rise in interest in recent months we have moved forward in our cooperative relationship with one of China's large scale LFP battery suppliers.

Our LFP Chinese partners have available a team of highly experienced large scale solar storage designers and techniciansready to assist Australian solar businesses in designing reliable battery storage systems suitable for Australian conditions.

Our most popular Solar/Wind battery storage unit is the 2.4kW/h LFP (LiFePO4) 4U communication rack mounted form factor. These units are able to connect to most if not all modern "Battery Ready" Hybrid Inverters.
The 4850 LFP storage units can last up to 20 years and Milbay offer a 10 year warranty on our 4850 LFP battery storage units so owners can easily calculate their Return on Investment over the life of the battery starage systems without the fear of unexpected costs.

Solar Installer and solar supply businesses should contact us without hesitation as we are currently establishing our dealer and distribution network.