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About Milbay Australia

ABN: 46 166 720 695

Established 2014

Location: Gold Coast,Queensland. Australia

Milbay Australia manufacturer, import, and distribute innovative power and transport products and solutions. We undertake product development both independently and in co-operation with our technology and manufacturing partners.

Milbay LiFePO4 Intelligent battery modules and managed battery systems.

In 2015 Milbay® Australia introduced intelligently managed LiFePO4 batteries to our product range. Milbay supply LiFePO4 battery systems as direct replacements for most lead acid batteries. Although Milbay LiFePO4 battery systems may initially cost a little more than a good quality SLA or AGM lead acid battery they makeup the difference with a working life up to 5 to 10 times longer, LiFePO4 batteries weigh far less than lead acid equivalents and deliver the stored electrical power in superior manner as well as being environmentally friendly than lead acid chemistry battery alternatives. Available for commercial, home, automotive, motorcycle, elctric bicycle, electric vehicles, electric mopeds, power tools, solar storage, uninterupted power supplies (UPS), plus many other applications. Find out more ....

Milbay Electric 4WD UTV

Our innovative transport products include the Milbay brand Recharge™ Electric Utility Vehicle. Equipped with powerful maintenance free electric motor and Milbay designed intelligent Lithium Phosphate battery system makes Milbay Electric Vehicles a viable pollution free alternative to petrol powered UTVs and motorcycles. Enjoy the peace and quiet of electric transport at an affordable price. Perfect for Councils, farmers, factories, schools, golf courses, touring, holidays and anywhere else that is not a public road. Find out more ....

Milbay® worlds best practice customer warranty services.
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