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Milbay Recharge All Terrain 4WD Electric Utility Vehicle EUV
Milbay™ Recharge™ 4WD Electric Utlity Vehicle (MB-572UTV)
Milbay™ Recharge™ 4WD Electric Utlity Vehicle (MB-572UTV)
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Recharge™ Low Maintenance Vehicle Design

Electric Vehicle Reliability- The low maintenance design of the Milbay Recharge™ All Terrain 4WD Electric Utility Vehicle means more time in the field doing productive work and less time in the workshop undergoing a scheduled maintenance service.

Do nothing design- The Recharge™ intelligent automotive LiFePO4 (lithium) battery system and powerful permanent magnet AC brushless motor require no operator maintenance or inspection.

Anti-corrosion- Forget about constantly applying oils and chemicals to the vehicle chassis in an effort to stop corrosion causing premature retirement of vehicle assets.

The Recharge™ chassis receives Milbay Australia's exclusive anti-corrosion surface treatment with 5 year anti-corrosion warranty to guarantee Recharge™ owners experience long vehicle service life in Australia’s harsh coastal and agricultural environments.

5 Year anti corrosion warranty

Service and Repairs

Keeping vehicles in service- Milbay designed the Recharge™ with a focus on vehicle uptime and fast return to service when maintenance is required.

Service Level Agreements- Milbay Australia’s innovative service level agreements allow fleet operators to fix their vehicle ownership costs by extending and upgrading the standard 2 year "back to dealer" warranty to a same day or next business day onsite service response for up to 5 years. Some conditions apply so contact Milbay Australia or your local Milbay dealer for more information.

Spare Parts Service- Milbay Australia has a complete range of Recharge™ replacement spare parts available. The Milbay online parts finder tool makes identifying and ordering Recharge™ spare parts quick and easy.

Recharge service

Keep it Simple- Customers will enjoy fast service response as a result of Milbay Australia’s new technology electronic service tools and modular vehicle design.

The superior high tech design of the electric Recharge™ allows service technicians to utilise specialised electronic service tools to connect directly to the Recharge™ and quickly diagnose the source of faults or failures.

"The advantages of the Recharge™ innovative modular design are most appreciated if a major vehicle failure occurs."

Milbay's field replaceable approach to spare parts and mechanical service procedures equals fast return to service and less vehicle downtime. The Recharge™ can undergo a motor replacement and be returned to service the same day, whereas petrol and diesel powered Utility Task Vehicles generally experience extended downtime when a motor related failure occurs.

Low maintenance modular design
Low maintenance modular design
Low maintenance modular design

Safety Features

Safety- The surefooted independent suspension and four wheel disc brakes provide additional stability and safety at those important moments when the going gets tough. Standard Recharge™ features like maximum speed of 40 km/h, protected cabin, seat belts, blinkers, lights, mirrors, horn, bucket seats and sun protective roof will ensure drivers and passengers love the change to Milbay electric.

Other Recharge™ safety specifications include “no drive” when drivers seatbelt is not engaged or when emergency brake is engaged, audible reverse alert, emergency power cutoff, neutral select before drive, operator safety warning stickers.

40 km max speed
Seat belts
LED Headlights

No heat- The Recharge™ electric 4WD removes the potential for operators or bystanders to be burnt on hot exhaust or engine components. Enjoy driving without the discomfort experienced from excessive cabin heat that is present in many petrol and diesel powered UTVs.

No heat burns

No noise- Owners will enjoy the quiet operation of the Recharge™ electric utility vehicle compared to the loud exhaust and engine noise of petrol and diesel powered UTVs. Recharge™ occupants and people nearby will appreciate being able to have conversations without the need to talk or shout loudly to be heard.

No hearing protection required
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