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Recharge™ Warranty Information

Warranty Conditions

Feel secure in your Recharge™ purchase with Milbay's comprehensive parts and labour vehicle warranty.

The Recharge™ Electric motor, motor controller, drive train, suspension and electrics are covered for a 2 year unlimited km warranty against manufacturing defects, excluding fair wear and tear.

The Recharge™ intelligent LiFePO4 battery system is warranted against manufacture defects for 2 years. The Recharge™ battery system is designed for approximately 1500 recharge cycles or 5 years.

The Recharge™ steel chassis is covered by Milbay Australia's exclusive 5 year anti-corrosion warranty.

In addition to the standard back to dealer warranty Milbay Australia offer optional extended warranty Service Level Agreements and onsite service.

Please refer to the Milbay website for complete Recharge™ warranty details.

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