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If you are about to purchase a new mobility scooter, electric wheelchair or it is time to replace the batteries in your current device then be aware that there are power storage (battery) options available !

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  1. 1. Milbay LiFePO4 Battery.

    • The latest power storage technology available.

    • Has a Battery Management System.

    • Best return on investment.

    • Longest life, lasts more than 5 X as long as equivalent lead-acid batteries.

    • Light weight

    • Completely maintenance free.

    • Excellent power to weight density.

    • Holds charge for more than twice as long as lead-acid batteries.

    • Increased power storage capacity.

    • High efficiency.

    • NO corrosive gases.

    • Most environmentally friendly option.

    • Safe.

  2. 2. Lead-acid batteries.

    • Short life.

    • Heaviest material, Pb Lead.

    • Old technology.

    • Requires maintenance.

    • NO Battery Management System.

    • Low efficiency.

    • Low return on investment.

    • Most expensive option over the devices lifespan, only last 1/5 the life of LiFePO4 power cell.

    • More environmentally damaging.

    • Contains corrosive acid.

Increase mobility scooter and wheelchair performance by reducing the weight of the battery system. Remove the heavy lead-acid batteries and replace with a light weight LifePO4 battery system. Milbay LifePO4 batteries deliver more power for longer and last 5 X the life of equivalent lead-acid batteries with no user maintenance.


Drive for further, climb steeper inclines and save on mobility scooter and electric wheelchair running costs.

What is included in a Milbay LiFePO4 battery system?

Milbay LiFePO4 batteries include an integrated control board called a Battery Management System or BMS.
The BMS handles the inter-connection of LiFePO4 cells and manages the charging and output of the LiFePO4 battery system.
Milbay carefully match the BMS used in our LifePO4 battery systems to the voltage and power requirements of the scooter / wheelchair to create efficient and long lasting battery systems.
BMS LifePO4 battery management system

If you would like to know more or are ready to order a battery system for your new or used mobility scooter/wheelchair then call Milbay Australia to speak with one of our specialist LiFePO4 technical sales people. Please have the details below available to help identify the correct LiFePO4 battery system.

  • Mobility scooter manufacturer name / brand.
  • Model Name.
  • Year of manufacture.

These details can be found on your mobility scooter or in the scooter owner's handbook.

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