EVSE - Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

In addition to our Electric Vehicle DC Fast charging stations Milbay have added Level 2 EVSE for electric vehicle charging to our product range that are suitable for charging the increasing numbers of electric passenger vehicles and motorcycles available to Australian consumers.
EVSE Wall mount vehicle charge point

The EVSE range includes portable and fixed home and commercial models up to 32A using single or 3 Phase electricty connection with some models including an Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) connection module for public access billing and remote management.

What is an EVSE ?

Level 1 and 2 chargers for Plug in electric vehicles utlise the intelligent on-board AC-DC converter to rectify the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) AC output and step the output up or down to a level appropriate for charging the vehicle's on-board battery pack, battery packs vary in chemistry, design and capacity from vehicle to vehicle. The onboard AC-DC converter communicates via the J1772 protocol and commands the EVSE to energize to start the battery charging cycle.

The J1772 / 62196 type standard connectors provide Pilot and Proximity pins that allow for detection of the EVSE connection by the vehicle. The pilot tone is used by the EVSE to identify to the vehicle the maximum current that is available. The standard was designed so that if a vehicle requires more current than the EVSE can supply, the vehicle can then choose not to charge. EV manufacturs generally supply EVSE that are compatible with the lowest available (13A) 240V household charge current.

The original standard SAE J1772 was written to provide for 80A charging at 240V, although most implementations are 30A or less.
“Level 1” indicates 120VAC charging (usually less than 16A),
“Level 2” indicates 240VAC charging (less than 32A). Australia and New Zealand use Level 2. Milbay recommend choosing a DC Fast Charger option for charging input over 32A.
The actual electricity current (amps) required is determined by the vehicle system. Most EVs and plug-in hybrids sold today are provided with some form of portable J1772 (Level 1) EVSE that can plug into anormal Australian 240V AC household power supply.

2 Types of vehicle charge port connectors:
Type 1 - J1772 is circular with a keyway for charge port connection alignment.
Type 2 62196 is oval shaped with a flat section for alignment.

J1772 vehicle charge connector 62196 vehicle charge connector

The Milbay EVSE model range

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