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17 Feb 2017

Electric ATV/UTV 2017 Milbay MB-572UTV

Available Colours: Blue, Red, Yellow, Custom Sticker, Camouflage Sticker,

Milbay®Australia - Electric UTV - Side by side utility vehicle

Milbay Electric all terrain vehicle MB572UTV Blue

Lower ownership cost than equivalent petrol or diesel models.

Low Maintenance

More Power from 21st Century Technologies

AC Brushless Motor
Intelligent CAN controller

Powered By ~ Milbay LiFePO4 Battery System

The MB-572UTV side by side 4WD delivers a level of power that has not previously been available in an electric Utility Task Vehicle. The intelligent battery system that powers our superb electric 4WD All terrain vehicle was created using the latest developments in lithium (LiFePO4) battery technologies to deliver a totally maintenance free experience for up to 10 years.

The MB-572UTV is suitable for farms, beaches, golf courses, camping, fishing, schools, clubs and organisations, private citizens, businesses and government authorities

2 Years Warranty on Vehicle and LiFePO4 Intelligent battery system

Speak to your local UTV dealer or contact Milbay directly to find out more about the many options and customisations available for the MB-572UTV

Electric UTV Milbay Australia front brakes
  • Exclusive corrosion protection system.
  • F & R independent control arm suspension.
  • Coil over Shocks
  • 4 Wheel hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Heavy Duty CV Joints
Electric UTV Milbay Australia with canopy

Milbay battery system delivers massive electrical power for unequaled vehicle reliability and performance. Improved performance over petrol models in many situations. Smoother high torque power delivery.

2 Seat Standard base model UTV (as in image above) with 72 volt 5kW (16kW peak) AC brushless motor & Milbay® 7.2kWh LiFePO4 intelligent battery system.

Price shown in Australian Dollars ex Gold Coast Queensland.

$ 33,500.00. Price shown includes GST.

Milbay LiFePO4 7.2kWh battery system delivers about 50km per charge in off road use such as a farm with 200 kg load. The travel distance per charge increases on flatter terrain. Battery recharge in maximum 4 - 5 hours.

MB-572UTV 5kW electric UTV Features

    • Minimal running costs.

    • Reduced maintenance.

    • No petrol storage required.

    • Light weight.

    • Quiet.

    • No fumes or emissions.

    • No warm up time.

    • Environmentally friendly.

    • Easy to operate.

    • Alloy or steel wheels.

    • Headlights, blinkers, mirrors, horn.

    • Towing point and ball.

    • Seat belts.

    • Economy mode.

    • Hi / Low range modes.

    • Switch between 2WD and 4WD.

    • Front diff lock.

    • Up to 80 km plus travel distance per recharge in economy mode.(7.2kWh LiFePO4 battery option). Real world use with 200 kg driver and passenger load on uneven, rough and hilly terrain where vehicle is using full power such as farm use travel distance is around 40 - 50 km.

    • Can add additional battery capacity if required.

    • Less than 5 hpurs for full recharge.

    • Can recharge from grid supplied 240V AC. Standard power Point.

    • Can recharge from fixed and portable solar power systems. - Great for remote regions.

    • High quality assembly and components.

    • 2 Years Unlimited kilometre Warranty.

    • Full spare parts and service availability.

electric UTV dash board instruments electric UTV tilt tray switch electric UTV front shock absorber

Delivery to all destinations in Australia. Call for delivery price. Free Pickup Gold Coast, Queensland.

Last Update: 22 August 2016.

Milbay UTV Vehicle warranty
Duration: 24 Months
Description: Unlimited km 2 year warranty against manufacturer defects. Normal wear and tear from extreme or off road use is excluded. Excludes consumables such as Tyres, cables, brake pads and fluids. includes battery system.

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